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Healing Hands


Quality Guaranteed

*Personal Care according to your own preferences 

*Medication collection and support 

*Shopping and maintaining your home to your preferred standards

*Supporting adults over the age of 18 to work or attend higher education

*Escorting and support to access community  activities or simply visit the shops 

*Heart felt and compassionate support with end of life conditions or complex diseases 

*Learning Disability Support including attending social activities and travel training with the emphasis on promoting independence and decision making where possible 

*Clinical Care including Support with PEG feeds ,suctioning devices etc. Clinical care training  will be given to the key care staff

*Companionship and longer visits including waking and sleeping nights 

*Proficient and skilled dementia care

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In Good Hands


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Professional. Reliable. Qualified Carers

Support in your own home and in the community from a highly dedicated team of carers during these unprecedented times

Service You Can Trust

Our highly experienced staff can support you to manage long term and end of life conditions, according to your own wishes and needs, with a focus on maintaining comfort and quality of life 


Many people are not aware of the process of what involved in creating a care service uniquely tailored to your needs . 

To put your minds at rest ,we will do all the work all we need is to know all about YOU and what is important to you .

We will endeavour not to make you feel interrogated and will put you at ease during the assessment process.

From the moment you contact us we will try to identify the real needs, what is working for you and what isn't and take it from there .

Our manager will arrange to come and see you in your own home at a day and time that suits you ,and will get to know you and the most important people in your lives .She always has an empathetic ear and if she can not help you with an aspect of your life that isn't going well ,she has a vast knowledge of services , professionals and organisations who may be able to advice and support you further.

Once she has helped you to identify what matters to you and how we can support you to live the life that suits you , she will create a completely  individual care plan with comprehensive risk assessment so that we know what you need and want and how to support you to attend your goals as safely as we can.

We will identify a small team of carers that are the best suited to your needs and personality ,and in many instances we may be able to source a carer to visit you for the majority of your care visits .

We aim to be able to begin care within 2 days of the visit . In critical situations ,we may be able to do this faster , but in all cases an assessment must occur before commencement of the service .

We will provide you with all the numbers you need to contact us as well as the local authority and CQC .

We run a 24 hour emergency line for existing clients and there will always be a listening ear available to you in crisis.

You will be reviewed within 6 weeks from the start of your care and then every 6 month .

Of course, should anything alter , or your needs increase or decrease, we will review your needs as and when required.

If your need is such that you hope to improve your capabilities , we can support you to set and achieve goals. In the past we have supported adults to go out regularly who have only left their house in recent years to attend medical appointments.

Just because your condition is limiting , it does not mean your life should be limited.

"From heart to heart in your own home comfort" 

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