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Home Comfort Care is seeing vibrant and passionate individuals to join our small team of carers. Although experience is desirable, what is most important us that you possess natural skills and have a personality suited to the role. We promise our clients that you will have the following traits:

- Compassion

- Empathy

- Problem solving skills

- Common sense

- An attention to detail

- Pride in your work

- An ability to cook a basic meal and complete household tasks

-Personal experience with a vulnerable loved one who has or does require support is VERY MUCH desirable. It is vital to us that you treat your clients with the EXACT same level of respect that you would expect for a close friend or relative who needed care.

We offer complete and concise care training and there will be opportunities to train in more specialised areas, enabling you to develop and grow in your career.

All of our managers have worked their way up from the bottom of the domiciliary care industry and have never forgotten how tough and exhausting it can be to deliver care. We still step in and ''get our hands dirty'' and would never expect you to do something that we wouldn't. We have worked for providers who have lacked compassion and the ability to communicate effectively and positively with their care staff. We wholeheartedly believe that a happy team leads to happy clients, which in turn will lead to a positive and happy service.

Our aim is to retain our staff, to mentor them, to nourish them and to try to support them . Holding the Sponsorship License "A" Rating we are looking to increase our capacity with 20-30 care staff for period may 2023-may 2024 particularly through these difficult times. We promise to be unlike any other care provider you have ever worked for and know that meaningless tokens such as ''carer of the month'' is nothing compared to  being valued, listened to and to have mentor that will help you grow and progress in your role.

We feel certain that from the minute you call us, you will fell comfortable in the knowledge that we will look after you as we would our clients. After all, without you, none of this would be possible.

If you think this is what you have been looking for - go on, give us a call.

What have you got to lose?

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